March 03, 2009

A Test Application with Examples

Today, someone wrote me. They need to do a Watir Demo and needed a good test app to use. Did I have something they could use? Of course I do.

We've been using the "Depot" test application for some time as a sample application for Watir training, demonstrations and framework development. It is a bookstore website, with a retail front end and an administrative back end. There are a lot of great things about it. You can run it on your own machine, so you don't need internet access. It is a non-trivial application. It has session state, a shopping cart and the backend requires login.

The "Depot" is part of the framework-examples project. The project also contains lots of examples of how to write Watir tests for it using different frameworks, including Rspec, Cucumber, Rasta and Roo (in a directory called Arc). And the WatirCraft framework. Indeed, we used this project to drive the development of the WatirCraft framework. We created examples using several different frameworks and then pulled the best of each into the WatirCraft framework. We stole the most from the Taza framework. Our WatirCraft example actually started as a Taza example (which is why there is no longer a "Taza" example in the project -- it morphed). Right now, in fact, this example amounts to the best documentation we have for the WatirCraft framework.

But any one looking to learn about any of these testing frameworks will probably find this to be pretty helpful.

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