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June 2012

Austin, Texas is in a new USDA hardiness zone and a trio of Monardas are growing at Horsetail Haven.


September 2011

Some plants can survive 112° F days and very little water.  Orthosiphon labiatus, Talinum paniculatum and Quisqualis indica were winners at Horsetail Haven.


April 2011

Yes, a pineapple top really will root and provide fruit, but it may be a long wait. 


February 2011

The rain did not last, and was replaced by snow and water pipe freezing temperatures.  But, gardener’s vision continues, Salvia discolor and eggplant

will adorn this year’s garden.


January 2011

The skies turned grey bringing rain and a renewed enthusiasm for gardening, learn about a March educational opportunity

August 2010
Two hot peppers produce in the roasting temperature of an Austin summer.

June 2010
When is a Daucus carotus not at carrot?  When it is Queen Anne's Lace!

May 2010
Summer vegetables replace winter greens and photos are shown from a trip to Reiman Gardens.

April 2010
Gorgeous flowers fill the garden, see photos of Billbergia nutans, Mexican buckeye (Ungnadia speciosa) and Pelargonium 'Gardener's Joy'.

March 2010
Spring brings sorrel, Oxalis or Rumex, which do we nibble?

February 2010
Heart filled cards in the mailbox tell us it is time to head for the garden with pruning shears in hand.

January 2010
Lettuce grows in the Austin winter garden, try some in yours.

December 2009
The first frost of winter has changed the garden.  Try a tasty slow cooker recipe for soup, see a photos of the beautiful new kitchen and two roses.

October 2009
Autumn rain means it is time to plant vegetables and flowers for the winter garden.  Plus, see a photo of the bottle tree at Festival Hill.

September 2009
In the summer of all summers Caesalpinia  gilliesii, Jatropha gossypifolia, Aristolochia fimbriata and Capparis spinosa came through!

January 2009
Grow Osmanthus fragrans, the sweet olive, in your garden

October 2008
A trio of culinary trees provides inspiration for gardeners who cook.

May 2008
Members of the Acanthus family growing in the garden are highlighted.

April 2008
Pelargonium salmoneum and 'Freestyle' Ivy Pelargoniums grow beautifully in the garden.

March 2008
Suggestions for growing an Austin tolerant Clematis plus a new, but very old, reference for Pelargonium enthusiasts.

February 2008
February is the month to place orders for plants not available at Austin nurseries and plan on attending a garden seminar or two.

January 2008
The New Year begins with a report on rosemary cultivation at the garden.

October 2007
Autumn showers bring March flowers - time to broadcast a multitude of seeds.  Learn about a new publication, The Herb Society of America's Essential Guide to Growing and Cooking with Herbs.

September 2007
Polianthes tuberosa and Hibiscus syriacus are easy to grow plants that Ann Marie thinks should be in all Austin gardens, plus see a photo of a wonderful spider visiting the garden.

August 2007
A Mexican Olive, Cordia boissieri, has been planted in the garden and Ann Marie shares a photo of a magnificent cactus, Echinopsis thelegona, taken at The Desert Botanical Garden.

June 2007
Vegetables and fragrant blooms grace the summer garden.

January 2007
Read an update on the front perennial border including information about a drought tolerant corner with Aloe, Ghost Plant, Pregnant Onion and Rat Tail Radish.

September 2006
Hungry caterpillars visit an Aristolochia vine, and the vine soon vanishes.

July 2006
Sunflowers, birds and a good book (A Garlic Testament by Stanley Crawford), entertain Ann Marie in her summer garden.

February 2006
Underutilized herbs for Austin that might not be hardy but are well worth trying.
  Learn about Capparis spinosa, Ocimum selloi, Pimenta dioica, Satureja biflora and the cool weather Anthriscus cerefolium

January 2006
Try some herbs that are underutilized in Austin, Calamintha nepeta, Mentha longifolia 'Habak', Pelargonium grossularioides, Diplotaxis muralis and Vetiveria zizanioides.

August 2005
A pond allows one to grow more in the Texas heat than waterlilies.  Learn about Hibiscus, Cannas and Lobelia in the pond.

June 2005
Two vines, Mascagnia macroptera and Clitoria ternata, thrive in summer heat.  Pelargonium species are discussed.

March 2005
Try some "new to you" plants this year; Ann Marie suggests Salvia 'Newe Ya'ar', Barleria cristata and Crinums

September 2004
Butterflies visit the garden during the summer and fall

January, 2004
The winter garden is producing and Murryea paniculata is discussed as a houseplant

January, 2002
It's time to plant seeds and admire a hedge of Vetiveria zizanioides

October, 2001
A whimsical fence is built at in the garden and the Brugmansias are in bloom

August, 2001
Herbal trees are introduced including Camptotheca acuminata, Vitex agnus-castus and Pimenta diocia

June, 2001
Vegetables are growing in the Texas heat

March, 2001
Learn how to differentiate between the delicious bay laurel and a bay impostor

February, 2001
Catch up on how the three year old front border has grown.

January, 2001
There are a few spring bulbs showing their faces and three confusing Oreganum are described.

December, 2000
Learn about a culinary sage for the South, find good books to read or cook up a Herb Crusted Porkchops

November, 2000
Get some hints for a "home made holiday"

October, 2000
See photos of "Bat Faced Cuphea" and see suggestions of plants to include in a Halloween Garden.

September, 2000
With daytime temperatures rarely dropping below 100°F , plant and animal life are still seen in the garden.  Learn who the real heat lovers are.

August, 2000
Use some creative thinking to have fun making container plantings.

July, 2000
Whip up a tasty couscous salad while you read about great garden color combinations

June, 2000
Get a brief update on the flowers and veggies and learn about a beautiful flower called Trachelium

May, 2000
The best things in life are free...birds help plant the garden.

April, 2000
Yarrow is blooming, egg shells become mini flower pots and a rosemary orange cake is baked.

March, 2000
Bake a loaf of fennel seed squash bread, plant Inland Sea Oats or meet a China Rose named "Rouletti"

February, 2000
View flower photos, find out what to do in the garden in February and see how the two year old perennial border has changed.

January, 2000
Ever wonder how in the world one remembers those latin plant names?  Here are a few tips.

December, 1999
Learn how to make herbal topiaries.

November, 1999
 Bring in plants, take cuttings and decorate a harvest table as cold winds blow.

October, 1999
 After planting pansies and broadcasting seeds in the garden try some spicy Adobo Pumpkin Soup.

September, 1999
 Try out some fall flowering plants, sow cool weather seeds or bake a peach, pineapple and rosemary pie.

August, 1999
Have fun with an herbal pond or try out a spicy, baked shrimp recipe.

July, 1999
The four Teucriums growing at Horsetail Haven are described and the featured recipe is for grilled Oregano Burgers.

June, 1999
Descriptions of five agastaches growing in the garden are given and a recipe for Pineapple Rose Freeze is presented.

May, 1999
The pelargonium collection has expanded, Epitaph for a Peach by David Mas Masumoto is reviewed and a chocolate mint pudding recipe is shared.

April, 1999
Suggestion for growing herbs in containers, an update on the perennial border and culinary uses of thyme are featured.

March, 1999
Blue flowers decorate the garden, herb cuttings are rooting in water and a recipe for Swiss Chard enchiladas is given.

February, 1999
It's time for rose pruning in Austin, Texas.  Also discussed is Persian Shield and a tomato soup recipe is given.

January, 1999
Freeze damage is reported, a hummingbird visits the feeder and a mulling spices recipe is given.

December, 1998
Herbal holiday hints, discussion of a new thyme bed and photos from Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge fill this page.  Two new ornamental oreganos have been added to the garden.

November, 1998
Learn what roses did well  for Ann Marie and read her book recommendations for herb gardeners.

October, 1998
Trips to the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis and Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa are described.  Be sure to see the photos of Giant Victoria Water Lilies!!!  Vines are discussed.

September, 1998
Hummingbirds and dragonflies flit through Horsetail Haven, flowers bloom despite the drought and it is time to plant seeds of parsley, dill, fennel and salad greens.

August, 1998
Calamint blooms in the garden, Roses in the perennial border and the mysterious 'Grandma's Yellow Buttons' has been identified as Ranunculus repens.

July, 1998
Baby goldfish dart between the blooms of water lilies in the pond and the search for the tree Jamaican Tea Hibiscus has ended.

June, 1998
Many flowers are blooming, there have been several new scented geranium purchases and photos from a May vacation in Louisiana are shown.

May, 1998
The Goodnight Garden scents the evening air with the perfume of Brugmansia, Datura and Four O'Clocks.

April, 1998
Roses scent the air, crossvine is blooming and new mints have been planted.

March, 1998
Bluebonnets are blooming, pond cleaning time approaches, seeds are sown and planting in the perennial bed continues.  Costmary is discussed.

February, 1998
A large perennial bed is being placed the width of the front yard.  Spring trees and flowers are in bloom and seeds sown in January are being transplanted.

January, 1998
The cool weather garden features salad greens.  A few flowers are brightening the days and seed planting is proceeding at a fast pace.  Spanish Lavender is discussed.


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