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"Removal of packing material voids warranty."

Important Note

This page is no longer updated. Ever. After a couple of bad cartoon-related experiences (one of which is related below), I moved my focus into other fields, fields in which I'm actually accomplishing things. This page still exists for historic purposes only.

Warner Bros. Serves Notice On "Acme Page"

In a letter received on November 13, 1995, Warner Bros. demanded that I remove virtually all material mentioning their characters from this and any other site, and to not create or distribute new material. As a result of this and discussions with my provider, Illuminati Online, this page is currently much emptier than it was, and has been renamed. These changes in no way constitute an admission of moral or legal guilt, and are not to be considered as relinquishing my rights under legal precedent, the Berne Convention, the First Amendment, and US law. Despite the efforts of WIFA (the Warner Internet Fan Assoc.), WB Legal is currently taking the position that, due to WB's exclusive contract with AOL, the only legitimate forum for discussion of WB cartoon characters is on AOL. They've explicitly stated that they regard IRC channels like #watertower and newsgroups like as unsupportable and possibly illegal. We'll see.

"What the heck is '@cme'?"

Well, it's a cute way of avoiding using a WB trademark. It's pronounced either "AT-mee" or "AK-mee", depending on how close you're standing to a WB lawyer.

Rescued From The Circular File At @cme, Inc.

First Order

The adventures of Malcolm Meerkat, @cme customer.

Fine Print

@cme's legal boilerplate, exposed!

JW's Internet

"It's a big Internet, and it's ours!"

The 50 Greatest Cartoons

...As determined by 1000 animation professionals. / Fan Fiction

...Including The Tiger Prince, my magnum opus.

Use of trademarks is not a threat to their validity. I hope.


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