GURPS Character: Bane

Created October 1990.


The most powerful familiar in the world for a fantasy campaign

ST: 2IQ: 14Speed:6.75
DX: 14HT: 13/3Move:8 (Running-12)

No armor; no encumbrance.

Point Total: 200

Magery 3; Extra Fatigue 10 (-40%, must hunt to recharge; 1 fatigue per HT of creature killed and eaten, can't use magic in hunt, 3×10×60%=18 points); Danger Sense; Literacy; Extraordinary Luck; Unusual Background; Bought off Mute from Cat package (-10%, not in a no-mana zone, 25×90%=23 points); Bought off Primitive from Cat package.

Cat Racial Package: -65 points
ST -8 (-70 points); DX +4 (45 points); HT +3 (30 points); Hit Points -10 (-50 points); Alertness +3 (15 points); Attractive (5 points); Catfall (10 points); Claws, Normal (15 points); Combat Reflexes (15 points); Double-Jointed (5 points); Four Legs (5 points); Night Vision (10 points); Laziness (-10 points); Mute (-25 points); No Fine Manipulators (-30 points); Phobia, Immersion in Water, Mild (-5 points); Dead Broke (-25 points); Primitive, -3 TLs (-15 points); Stubborness (-5 points); Acrobatics at DX (4 points); Jumping at DX (1 point); Stealth at DX+2 (8 points); Climbing at DX (2 points). Climbing is at +3 going up, but -3 going down.

The Cat package originally appeared in Roleplayer #21. The package above is identical, with point costs updated to Compendium I 1st print. It is not the same as the cat template in GURPS Bestiary, Third Edition, but the point total is similar (allowing for the different IQs).

Cat; Social Stigma: Animal; Secret: Intelligent.

Curious; Little sense of humor; Loner; Prefers not to speak, even among friends; one other.

Acrobatics-14; Jumping-14; Stealth-16; Climbing-14 (Double-Jointed adds +3); Riding/Horse-13; Running-12; Survival/Woods-13; Tracking-15 (Alertness adds +3); Heraldry-13; Law-12; Alchemy-11; History-12; Literature-12; Thaumatology-15; Research-13; Acting-13; Diplomacy-12; Fast-Talk-13 (Attractiveness usually adds +1); Detect Lies-13; Escape-12 (Double-Jointed adds +3); Pickpocket-12; Poisons-12; Scrounging-14; Shadowing-14; Traps-14; Ventriloquism-13; Lockpicking-13; Body Sense-14; Spell Throwing/Fireball-15; Spell Throwing/Poltergeist-15.

Ignite Fire-15; Create Fire-15; Shape Fire-15; Fireball-15; Seek Food-15; Lend ST-15; Lend HT-15; Share ST-15; Minor Healing-15; Detect Magic-15; Conceal Magic-15; Fear-15; Panic-15; Terror-15; Apportation-20; Slow Fall-15; Wallwalker-15; Poltergeist-15; Locksmith-15; Lockmaster-15; Manipulate-15; Undo-15; Levitation-15; Flight-15; Hawk Flight-15; Teleport-15; Blink-15; Death Vision-15; Sense Danger-15; Watchdog-15; Shapeshift/Panther-15.

Elvish-14; Common-13; Dwarvish-13; Orcish-12.

Bane is, quite literally, the most powerful familiar in the world, formerly the property of a (currently missing/dead) top-rank mage. At the moment, he is involved with a party of adventurers attempting to forestall Armageddon or some-such. He has permanent enchantments on him which allow him to speak and store large amounts of mana (both are defined more as super-advantages than strict magical enchantments). Between speech and well-practiced paw and tail gestures, the ritual limitations that normally hinder animal mages are moot. He is a gray long-haired cat of otherwise indeterminate breed. He casts Watchdog on his sleeping area before going to bed each night, and a -2 Conceal Magic on himself every morning.



Jonathan Woodward,

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