GURPS Character: Fil "Cookie" Gvidlumilo

Created September 1989.


A cook/mage for a fantasy campaign, created by George Bevis.

ST:8IQ: 15Speed:5.25
DX:12HT: 9Move:2

No armor; no encumbrance.

Point Total: 100

Civitano Racial Package: 34 points
ST -2 (-15 points); IQ +3 (30 points); HT -1 (-10 points); Eidetic Memory 1 (30 points); Language Talent +2 (4 points); Lightning Calculator (5 points); Literate (5 points); Cowardice (-10 points); Truthfulness (-5 points).

The "Citizens" are city-dwellers, and their religion is knowledge. They swear two oaths: to tell the truth, and to someday make a pilgramge to the Civitanoj City-Library, and make an original contribution to their knowledge. They average 5'11" and 140 lbs, with long arms and legs, pale skin, sparse hair, and blue or green eyes.

Civitano, Magery 2; Keen Smell and Taste +2.

Reputation -2 (Mage); One Leg; Glutton; Stubborn; Sense of Duty: Close Friends and Those Who Eat His Cooking.

Always carries spices; Hates sharks; Dislikes the dark; Territorial in kitchens; Poor temper.

Cooking-20; Physician-15; First Aid-15; Diagnosis-14; Seamanship-15; Merchant-15; Streetwise-14; Gesture-15; Shipbuilding-13; Carpentry-15; History-13; Meteorology-14; Throwing-13.

Lend ST-16; Lend HT-16; Recover ST-20; Minor Healing-16; Major Healing-15; Sterilize-16; Test Food-16; Preserve Food-16; Purify Food-16; Decay-16; Itch-16; Spasm-16; Pain-16; Resist Pain-16; Iron Arm-17; Light-16; Continual Light-16; Apportation-16; Levitation-16; Poltergeist-16; Air Golem-16; Flight-16; Tell Time-16; Alarm-16; Measurement-16; Detect Magic-16; Stun-16; Seek Earth-16; Seek Water-16.

Espanglo-17; Lingvo Civitano-17; Komlingvo-10; Niko Drow-16; Anko Drow-15; Erotel-15; Maridoj-17; other-16. (Or any 8 appropriate to the campaign.)

Fil is a character from my "Drowned Earth" campaign, a fantasy/swashbuckling/post-manaclysm romp. Fil is one of the best ship's cooks ever to set foot in Sankta Rozino. He lost his leg to a shark a while back, and now never misses an opportunity to practice carchariidae soup recipies. (He hates them; he's not afraid of them.) He never uses magic in his actual cooking, but will often use it around the edges: to stir pots, to time the roast, to measure the exact amount of spice, to purify poor ingredients. He does not use magic to make up for his missing leg, except when necessary. He believes he's earned his slow pace.



Jonathan Woodward,

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