My name's Jonathan Woodward. I go by "Jonathan", "Jon", "JW", or "Woody". Your choice. I was born in 1969, so, unless this page is in desperate need of updating, I'm 34. I was born in Massachusetts, USA, and I've lived in New England all my life. I got my degree in Computer Science from Wesleyan University in 1993. I'm a freelance writer, mostly working for Steve Jackson Games, MonkeyGod Enterprises, and White Wolf Publishing. I've got submissions in all over the place, also. My day job is web design and engineering.


  • Portions of Trinity (formerly Ĉon) from White Wolf, particularly in the Technology and History chapters.
    ISBN 1-56504-757-5, White Wolf Stock # WW9000 / 1-56504-750-8, WW9100 / 1-56504-622-6, WW9099
  • The pirates and much of the planetary orbits sections of Hidden Agendas from White Wolf.
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  • The Skeletal Legion and the Notional Legions in Book of Legions from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-652-8, White Wolf Stock # WW6063
  • Portions of the Near Space, Technology, and Life in Space sections of Luna Rising from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-760-5, White Wolf Stock # WW9002
  • The adventure "Colors of Sacrifice" in Alien Encounter: Invasion from White Wolf.
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  • The adventure "Symbiosis" in Alien Encounter: Deception from White Wolf.
    ISBN 1-56504-621-8, White Wolf Stock # WW9105
  • GURPS Ogre from Steve Jackson Games. My first solo gig, and my first cover credit.
    ISBN 1-55634-417-1, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6097
  • The Hellboy Roleplaying Game and Sourcebook from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-654-9, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG8111
  • Transhuman Space: In The Well from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-482-1, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6702
  • GURPS Magic Items 3 from Steve Jackson Games.
    ISBN 1-55634-418-X, Steve Jackson Games Stock # SJG6531

Me & Some Other Guys
Me From Orbit

I'm an ex-Army Reservist; my MOS was 88-Victor (Railroad Brakeman). I've worked for several software and hardware companies, including FTP Software, Legal IMS (legal s/w), ETC Software (multimedia), Canberra (radiation detectors), BioSystems (various sensors), Iris Graphics (hi-res inkjet printers), Precision Guesswork, ResumeCARD,, and American Financial Systems. I've also done some work in graphic design, and I once managed a retail games store called Games & Stuff. My hobbies run the gamut of the geekly arts: reading, cartoons, science-fiction, comics, surfing the net, rpgs, tcgs, Star Trek, computer games, et cetera, ad nauseam

My Geek Code is:

GL(CS) d- s+:+ a- C++>!$ U P L E-@ W++ N++ K w+>!$ O- M- V- PS PE+ Y+ PGP t++ 5++ X R++$ tv+ b+++$ DI++++ D+(---) G+ e++ h r* y+

In case you're the sort who wants more than dry statistics in a webpage, my role-models (and what of them I admire) are:

If you want to meet me - and, hey, who doesn't? - I'm a regular attendee at Arisia and DragonCon.


Jonathan Woodward,

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